Any campers not adhering to any of the below terms and conditions may be asked to leave the site.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to refund 75% of your payment if given more than 30 days’ notice by email, and 50% of your payment if given more than 15 day’s notice.   We are not able to offer refunds if given less than 15 days’ notice.


Ross Rowing Club Camping is used by all persons at their own risk. Camping at the club only entitles you to access the camping and the access drive from the public road to the campsite itself. We are a busy rowing club and parents should ensure children are properly supervised at ALL times and not allowed to stray from the camping field.  Please be aware that there is a public footpath through the field, outside of the fenced areas.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure a safe campsite we cannot accept responsibility for your possessions or personal injuries sustained whilst on the property.

Camping Area

The toilet and shower blocks are in the club carpark.


We are a small, friendly, club campsite so if you’re looking to have a party, to make excessive noise or disturb your camping neighbours, then we are not the place for you. There is strictly no loud music at any time.

We are unable to accommodate stag or hen parties.

There is a strict 5mph speed limit within the club and camping field.

SITES OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES – Please do not arrive at site before 13:00hrs, unless prior arrangement has been made.  Canoeists are requested to leave by 11.00hrs.

SITE FEES – Fees must be paid when booking online in advance of your stay.  Please retain your booking confirmation (on email or printed out) as you may be asked to produce it at any time.

SPEED LIMITS – Whilst on site please observe a 5 MPH speed limit. This is to protect the field, people, and pets. No learners or underage drivers are permitted to operate vehicles whilst on site.

REFUSE – There are recycling skips adjacent to the bridge in the car park. Please use these for bagged refuse and bottles etc.

PETS – Pets are welcome, provided

  • All pets (cats and dogs) must be on leads at all times on site.
  • Any mess must be cleared up immediately and disposed of properly dog waste bins can be found between us and the Hope and Anchor (downstream) along the riverside.
  • Dogs should not be near the drinking water points.

ALL QUIET – Please respect our No Noise 22:00hrs to 07:00hrs rule. Bear in mind that many families, DofE and School groups use our facilities regularly.  Please do not disturb your neighbours.

WATER AND CHEMICAL TOILET WASTE – Drinking water can be obtained from the outside tap on the upstream corner of the clubhouse.  Toilet waste should be disposed of in the elsan point on the right as you enter the field from the bridge. Under no circumstances must you empty waste by the drinking water taps.

AQUA ROLLS – In the interests of safety, please, when filling your aqua roll. do not tow it behind your vehicle to or from the water filling point.

FIRE REGULATIONS – THE ‘6 METRE RULE’ – This is the minimum distance between each unit (tent/caravan/similar) to prevent the spread of fire.  Units should be spaced 6m apart and sited so that they do not restrict access to, or exit from, any unit or the area in case of emergencies.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING GAS CYLINDERS – In line with legislation on the use of external gas cylinders – no cylinders with a capacity greater than 15kg will be allowed.

We really hope that you enjoy your stay, and we welcome any constructive feedback!