Club Newsletter 12th Feb

12, February 2015

Club Room refurbishment update
The Club Room refurbishment is progressing well and the new bar is taking shape, despite the odd mishap (see above). Work was suspended for a few hours last Friday evening to allow club members to enjoy the opening match of this year’s 6 Nations and sample a few drinks. There was even a little spontaneous singalong from the refurbishment team to entertain the crowd at half time. As is the way of things these days, this impromptu performance was captured on someone’s phone and posted on youtube within minutes – click here to enjoy the show.

A transformation is also taking place behind the scenes. For many years we have had sterling volunteers working hard to try and ensure the club room is a great social scene for club members and friends and also provides a modest financial return to the club which is reinvested in the club and facilities.
Over the past few months the commercial team has been working to provide strong governance so that the stock control and cash are managed in a more accountable and controlled fashion. The team have also been working on approaches and procedures that will make it easier for volunteers to help behind the bar at functions and social evenings.
The benefit for all of us as members of Ross Rowing Club is that we can be confident that the bar will make a financial surplus and that money we spend in the club room will contribute to the running of our club.  One of the big changes is that we have moved exclusively for the moment to bottled products. The advantages of this are that there is no wastage and we can provide a wider and more varied range of drinks for you to enjoy. The focus is to provide products of the best possible quality and provide them at a reasonable price to the customer that still allows the bar to make a financial contribution back to the club.
We ran a trial of the new products last Friday (well done England) and it was great to see how many of the new lines were being enjoyed!  If there are particular products that you know the members might enjoy (sorry not just yourself) then please let any one of the commercial team know.
The first big night where we hope to be fully operational is Friday 20th February. We would love to see as many of you as possible to enjoy a pint or even a James Gourmet Coffee.
More volunteers needed please
Over the years we have been blessed with great volunteers to help with the bar and we would like to extend the opportunity to more members to be part of the bar team. More volunteers helps to spread the load and also might allow us to extend the opening hours, especially at weekends, for example by opening earlier in the evening or on Saturday lunchtime?  Please email if you would like to help out.

British Rowing have issued a safety alert about rowing in large waves. This is particularly relevant to any crews who will be competing on the Thames Tideway – so anyone racing in the Women’s Head, Vesta Head or Head of the River Race. Please read the notice that you can see by clicking here.