Can you help?

11, March 2015

Ross RC is looking for volunteer coaches and helpers to support our Explore Rowing Programme.
Our senior squad captains, Alison and Tim, want to establish a team of people made up of a few Level 2 qualified coaches plus some willing assistants including safety launch drivers to run the 2015 programme.

The Explore Rowing Programme will run on Friday evenings and late mornings on Saturday and Sunday, starting after Easter and running until end of July. The programme will run two 6-8 week blocks with a new Explore Rowing Group taking part in each block.

The volunteers would then hopefully continue to support those Explore Rowers who wish to carry on and become fully paid up rowing club members through a Saturday and Sunday late morning Novice Development Programme through the winter months with the objectives of competing in a couple of local Heads and then entering appropriate Novice Regattas through the summer of 2016.

If you are interested in supporting the programme as either a coach or assistant, please contact Alison or Tim as soon as possible. Thank you.

6 Nations in club room

The club room and bar will be open on Saturday afternoon to show the England vs Scotland game, k.o. 5 pm. The ‘guess the score’ prize is rolled over from the England vs Ireland game (the less said about that game the better