Club Celebrates Successful Henley

30, June 2016

Ross Rowing Club Newsletter

Issue 130.      30th June 2016


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Club Celebrates Successful Henley


All aboard the Fun Bus……with Jess. Yes the rower who was stood up in the Crazy 8 the other week….( Grimace ; the Editor)

At Henley, the Ross spectators turned out to support several competing crews, with links to the club, in the qualifying races on Wednesday. Jacob James was racing in a Gloucester/ Hartpury crew, Henry Jones competing for Bath University and Tom Scott in an 8 for Shiplake Bees.

Tom Scott smiling front right

Shiplake pictured here, winning their race on Wednesday and also they won the next round on Thursday.

The weather was cold and wet but this didn’t dampen the spirits of the bus load of Ross Rowing Club members who headed to Henley Regatta on Wednesday. At times, they had to seek refuge in the enclosures and bars.
Catrin Morris, Sally Pettipher and Jess Crossman, so sophisticated, by the Barn Bar

Richard Jennison and Jack Westley, as Karen Blackwood says, “Before the downfall….”

Pam Ball, Jim Pettipher and Tim Ball undercover

Richard Jennison, Dan Morris and Jack Westley testing different drinks indoors

Tonic water or straight gin, Catlin ?

Harriet Baynham Williams sandwiched between some Leander rowers. Smile….

The Fun Bus Heads Home

Dan Morris, Mr and Mrs Ryan, Mr and Mrs Phillips, Emily and Jan Rosser, Pam and Tim Ball. You don’t want to see what was going on back left of the bus…

Richard Jennison (Is he awake or not behind the shades?) Tim with Marcus Constance

There’s more too come……….I called it before it happened

It’s Henley!

Day trip to Henley on Wednesday.
Cream teas, rowing, picnics, rowing, champagne, rowing, muscles, rowing, young men, rowing, boys, rowing. Behave yourselves. Who could I possibly mean? 

Don’t be late for the bus home….

Windy and Wet Wednesday Morning 

Quad toughed it out

Not at Henley, four lunatics got wet in an invigorating row on Wednesday morning and said, “Oh, I enjoyed that.” What were they thinking. Look at the angles of the trees and bushes.

Congratulations, Mike Jones

You can row in the day now – enjoy


A Festival of Rowing
Henley continues until Sunday getting towards the finals, so hopefully we will have more news to report next week.
On Thursday, Sheron and Neil Dean Lucas sat next to the Duke of Something or was it Prince Michael of Kent in the Remenham enclosure. He must have been having a break from Wimbledon.

Judith and Marcus Constance and Jeremy Picton-Turberville and Torsten Pope are there Friday. Ian Howell is there for the week as is Henry Jones’ mum and dad, Carol and Chris Jones; so we didn’t have Carol in the Friday morning quad at Ross. Debbie Smith, Charlie and Annabel join Torsten on Saturday and Sunday.
Marcus and Torsten are able to enter the Steward’s Enclosure because they have both competed at Henley Royal Regatta.

On Sunday, there is a Baynham Williams Posse on the loose and Kirsti Holbrow Brooksbank will also be there looking absolutely fabulous.


Rowing Story

Jan Rosser writes,
“I just heard a great rowing related story from my neighbour who used to live at Barnes.  Jim Sharp, a coalman in Barnes used to help the local rowing club every year in the 20’s and 30’s, by taking their boats to Henley on his horse and coal cart.  It took him 3 days to get there, staying in stables with his horse, and then staying in Henley for the duration of the regatta, before a further 3 days ride home.  He reported that he thoroughly enjoyed his annual trips!
I enjoyed my trip to Henley, although have a hangover today!  Having enclosure tickets helped, although the weather was pretty good, and my hair didn’t look too bad at the end of the day!”


Henley – Visitors’ Challenge Cup

Tim Ball, our Captain, doing a good impersonation of Elliott Ball. Tim rowed for Belmont Abbey school at Henley. Chris Jones, Henry’s dad, also rowed at Henley for Belmont Abbey school, Hereford. 


Five Medals for Juniors at Peterborough 


Young Ross Rowers made the long trip to Cambridgeshire to the Peterborough Junior Championships. They came away with an impressive gold medal, silver medal and three bronze medals. See the write up in the Ross Gazette.

The gold medal was won by Heidi Brodholt, beating 15 crews in a very competitive WJ13 single scull.

Girls just want to have fun!

Tom Gianessi masterfully coxed the WJ13 Octople Scull to a silver medal

Final View at Ironbridge Regatta

Ross Senior Rowers at Ironbridge Regatta at the weekend saw the iconic chimneys for the last time. The chimneys are being taken down as they are not in use and considered dangerous.  Many Ross rowers will have happy memories of the Ironbridge Weekend camping and the Saturday night disco, not to forget the Naked rowing that went on. It was our Glastonbury.

Richard Ceci often celebrated his birthday on that weekend and there was some bad behaviour from Cathy Fletcher and Paul Nichols in particular. Chris and Bryn Hughes were very posh in their caravan.

We were quite a force and a great squad for fun. I’ve got lots of Ironbridge pots. I can remember jumping out of a winning Women’s 4 straight into an 8 and winning in that. In 2009, on a hot, hot day, I actually stroked a Women’s 4, rowing in the blue boat Gerry Smith, through the semis to win. Notable as the stroke seat is so narrow in Gerry Smith!
Geraldine Calcraft and Dawn Evans were novices in their first season. Ruth Davies went on to coach at Ross. Catrin Morris and Jess Crossman were WJ12 Juniors!

The victorious ladies: Geraldine Calcraft, Annie Williams, Dawn Evans, Ruth Davies; cox Sheron Dean Lucas

Sad Cygnet News
The cygnets were last seen by the rowing club on Thursday evening without their mother who must have had to abandon them because of repeated attacks from other swans. This swan in the photo was hissing at the cygnets.

Chris Crowhurst, in our quad, when we saw them bobbing on the water together in the bushes, wanted to rescue them but we had to accept that nature had to take its course. There are also only two older cygnets from the original gang of three.


Howard Copping

Where do we find Howard after his scull with Plum Palmer last Thursday?


Best Dresser at the Pop Up Shop?

Well done on a successful fundraiser. Thanks to Sarah Sykes for her knowhow and for Beth Perrou organising the volunteers.


Newsletter Editor on Riverbank

Well done to our young rowers at Peterborough. Thanks for the great photographs that have been passed on to the Newsletter; I’ve used as many as I could…but I had no report.
Very unpredictable weather this week, as last week,with rain and some sunny spells. Not sure wether to wear wellies or flip flops even though life is better in flip flops.The water has risen over the yellow step since Thursday morning and there was no rowing because of debris on Thursday night. It had dropped three feet by Friday morning.

Don’t forget the Bar is open at 5.30pm on Friday.Torsten, mine host, is at Henley.

The Editor on the Riverbank can only report what you tell her; something to say? Got any good pictures? Junior parents got something to share?

I have to warn you there is a Henley Heat Magazine Special coming out as soon as I get round to writing it. Be afraid. I’ve sought legal guidance. Well, I asked Jim Pettipher, so what could possibly go wrong….

If you want to communicate with the Club via the newsletter, let me,  Annie Williams know, by email or in person.


Competitions forward look

28 – Monmouth
29 – Monmouth Sprint      
  4 – Hereford 
  5 – Hereford Sprint
11 – Blenheim Palace Junior
11 – British Rowing Masters
12 – British Rowing Masters
17- Henley Women
22– Henley
26 – Ironbridge


The Club Room Bar

The club room bar will be open
Thur – 7.15pm to 9.00pm.
Fri – 5.30pm to 9.30pm
Sun – 12 noon to 2.30pm 

Bar open 5.30 on Friday


Weather watch

Outlook for Friday to Monday

Another day of sunny spells and showers. feeling cool in the breeze. Perhaps a drier day on Sunday but still some showers.

River watch
River levels suitable for all ages at the weekend. The river has gone up with the rain but quickly going down again. Currently, Backney accessible. Could change by Saturday.



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