Getting Ready for Our Regatta

18, August 2016


The club post rammer has gone missing!

It’s quite possible that someone borrowed the post rammer and has simply forgotten to bring it back.  We only really use it at this time of year and during the regatta build up it’s probably the most important piece of kit!
So if you borrowed it please could you bring it back.  If you’re embarrassed at having kept it for so long you could just leave it in the boathouse when no one else is about! 

The key thing is that we get it back.
Rafle Prizes
Have you BOGOF’d too many things?   Are you cupboards bulging with unwanted gifts?
If so, bring those unwanted items down to the club 
We are desperately short of small items that could be put in hampers and offered as raffle prizes.
Anything at all,  If it’ll fit in a hamper then bring it along.



Regatta Work Days  

 Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August


Over this weekend we will be preparing for the Regatta. Crews will be able to train but are expected to help before or after their outings on at least one of these “Workdays”
A list of tasks to be completed is up in the Club – please sign up.
Pre work weekend
Cut lawns
Cut field
Check number of buoys
Safety boats overhaul
Cutting riverbanks upto start
Edges need cutting around football field
Check Life jackets
Check we have throw lines
Assemble bridge
Mow camping fields (2nd cut)
Saturday 20 Aug
Erect Presidents enclosure tent frames
Erect presidents enclosure fencing
Move BBQ hut to Club Lawn
Dispose rubbish
General strimming
Weed carpark edges
Clean Clubhouse
Clean/paint Changing rooms
Clean boathouse
Clear Kitchen and Bar area
Sunday 21 Aug
Tree trimming and bushes at gates/entrances
Fencing paint and restore
Locate Results Board – Commission Control
Find the Club flag
Paint RRC letters in fence
Collect charirs from storage
River Race Course – Clear Obstructions
Check signage
Paint step edges yellow
Boat and Blade Maintenance
Clear weeds from steps and carparks
Transport Ergos to storage
Water in field for campers and Presidents Enclosure
Build-up week 21-26 Aug
Erect tea tent
Finish erecting enclosure tents
Lay floor in Presidents marquee
Access to Homs Carpark (remove height bar)
Erect old blades for bunting
Check sufficient lighting for tents
Check sufficient number of extension cables
Stake out Family Field
Stakeout – Lively camping
Stake out Regatta Field
Finish Line
Cut steps and Rope for bridge umpire
Layout  Trailer park
Yellow Signage in regatta fields
yellow Signage in town
Check Wifi working in field and finish tent
Clean / Paint Presidents Enclosure fence
Sort Buoys
Buoy the course
Saturday 27 Aug (Dragon Boat Race day)
Run electrical cable where required
Generator arrives at Club.
Setup tea tent





Ross Regatta Curry Night

Message from Nita Keeler to all club members!

Last year 70 people took up the challenge to eat as much curry as they could. To make the curry night a success – I need your HELP to cook curry.
Costs can be covered. If you have issues acquiring certain spices, let me know. 
If cooked in advance, all these curries can be frozen! 

Please let me know IF and WHAT you you can contribute to curry making / help on the day so I can keep a record.

Menu will be:

Black Pepper Chicken 
Everyday Chicken & potato Curry 
Lamb curry

Veg option:
Chickpea & Mushroom Curry 
Green Beans

Cauliflower & Pea
Sag Aloo (potatoes & spinach)Tarka Dahl

Other possible:
Coriander Chutney?
Tomato Chutney?
Brinjal pickle?

Nita (otherwise known as Fred’s mum)

Yum, Yum 

Do it now……

Sign up for Regatta Jobs

See list at the club

or contact Nikki Ryan or Elaine Powell

Terry Pin and the Cows say…

You know it Makes sense