Ross Regatta 2016… Success

1, September 2016

Ross Regatta 2016


On Monday, the sun finally shone on the Regatta to complete three days of competition, fun and hard work. Everything is now packed away, an achievement in itself, and the washing is on the line.The marquee is going into the field for the Acorns 10K Run on Sunday. The town turned out and came down to the river at the weekend and the takings are up this year.

We are ambitious in what we offer and try to do at our regatta and Niki Ryan, coordinator, has thanked many contributors and we are all needed, in many different ways  to make it happen. If you don’t get a mention in this edition or the next, you are still valued if you did your bit!


Quality Toilets

The portaloos at Ross Regatta were so good this year that even the dogs were queuing up to use them 😉

Competition – Winners and Losers
Saturday kicked off with the popular Dragon boat racing event. This year there were 15 entries and lots of dressing up.There were 3 wins for our seniors and 4 wins for the Juniors over the rowing weekend. Two members of senior crews lost their novices and there was a great performance from our J12 Quad boys winning at their own regatta.
On  Monday, there were nearly wins for WIM3 2x, Nicky Wild and Sarah Sykes losing by one foot! Our IM2 4+ Boys, Joshua James, Elliott Ball, Dale Kernot and Tom Scott lost narrowly in their final to Dubliners, Neptune RC, coxed by our own Jess Taylor. Also,Jess rowed through several heats to make the final in WNov 1x but couldn’t hold her older opposition to the finish line. Neptune RC Boys made quite a hit in the bar and on the bank; we won’t forget them…. 


Fifteen Teams joined in the fast paced but fun Dragon boat racing and there were some imaginative costumes and motivational dancing. Staines rowing club were 101 Dalmatians and there was a Ross RC girls’ team still in their onesies and night wear….

Proud mum with hardworking barman


However, after three years of trying, the winners  were Ross’s “The Slammers” dressed as The Day of The Dead. They beat The “Unbearables” from Runcorn RC in the final. 
Here we have two Leander rowers, it might have helped the win?…guess who?
Also, Ross RC , Jacqui, Harriet and Livvie Baynham Williams with Catrin Morris, Jess Crossman, Adam Robinson, Will Pettipher, Henry Simms….
Joyful but Terrifying Winners

Runcorn Runners Up

Our Daisy Phillips, with “The Unbearables” collects their trophy from Ian Howell who did such a great job on the commentary



These Development squad rowers had a great win in the WMas B/C 4x+ winning by 2 lengths. cox Meghan Marshman, Nadine Marshman, Justyna Mushial,Julie Owen, Nikki Wolfenden. 

Ha ha…splash…Justyna is no longer a novice!

Heavy Rain

Despite racing in a torrential downpour, these girls won their WMas C/Dx- by 1 3/4 lengths. Two of these ladies only started rowing two years ago, so a real achievement. #thisgirlcan 
Jan Rosser, Sarah Tighe, Pam Ball and Chris Crowhurst after the race. With energy to spare, they then dressed up and went to celebrate at Ladies’ Day.The girls spend the regatta weekend supporting Pam Ball prepare and present the President’s Lunch; it was exhausting. Don’t know how they did it! 


After their rota duty, Andrew Leeman and Tony Allen fuel up ready for the Battle of the Eights later. 

There was an epic Masters G 8 race on Monday with the Captain, Tim Ball, 3 development rowers and senior men against 4 Ross rowers and 4 Monmouth rowers – read on to see who won….You can row at ANY age!

Ross V Monmouth

Development rowers, Andrew “barman” Bateman and Howard “Burger Boy” Croft, heading off for their first race in the Eight

Off they go…..Cox: Sally Pettipher, Andrew Leeman, Tim Ball, Andrew Bateman, Howard Croft, Tony Allen, Howard Eldridge, Graham Nicholson and Robin Billingham but a win wasn’t to be today.

Winners’ pots for mixed Ross and Monmouth Men’s Masters G crew who won by half a length. Peter Scott, Phil Palmer, Andrew Mollett, John Nichols, Harry Beach, Richard Dennison, Andrew Anderson, Jack Wesley. Cox: Sheron Dean Lucas. Ian and Harriet present the pots.

Nikki, Justyna, Nadine and Charlie Gill won their heat and were just beaten on the finish by a crew with a straighter course….


He Does it again…Ballcock Triumph for

Jim Pettipher

When you see him, ask Jim Pettipher how he won this prestigious award and how he feels about it. During the announcement of nominations at the end of Monday’s clear up, it seems he had a strong competitor in the Young Pretender and son, Will Pettipher. 

Message from Club Chairman

Never before in the regatta field has so much been owed to so few by so many
You’ll have seen the report from Regatta Supremo Nikki Ryan commenting on the great success of this year’s regatta.
It was very well organised, very well attended very well received by our visitors and very, very tiring but I’m glad that Nikki ended with the words, “See you in 2017,”  so that’s the first of next year’s jobs filled!

Many people have been praised, and rightly so, for the fantastic efforts put in to ensure the success of the regatta.  Without going over old ground I want to highlight a couple of groups without whom the regatta would simply be unmanageable and are most deserving of all our thanks.

Ian Howell, Mark Scott and the “Juniors” who spent the preceding week putting in place the infrastructure.  So efficient are they that we have come to expect that all the stakes, ropes, signs, lights and decorations will be put up.  Imagine how many work party weekends that would take!

The parents of the juniors, the unsung heroes of the regatta.
In a time when it’s so often too hard to get anyone to do anything, it’s very refreshing to have people, who often aren’t even club members, offering their time.  To hear someone say, “I’m here all weekend, what do you want me to do?” is wonderful.

Thanks and well done to everyone who pitched in and helped but do remember how much more of an effort it would have been without the folks mentioned above.

Graham Watling
Chairman Ross Rowing Club


Door Destruction


 The gradual destruction of the white doors
A club member has tried to enter the club through the white doors by unlocking the left hand door and forcing them outwards.This is not the first time it’s happened and it is destroying both the locks and the doors. 
It is not the campers, it cannot be anyone other than a club member.  It can only be someone with the old key that we all had before the lock was changed in the right hand door.
If any club member hasn’t got a key to the right hand door please just ask Graham for one, he has plenty to give away!
(asking for a new key won’t necessarily been seen as admission of guilt by the way)
Do remember that it’s your club and your money being used to fix the door locks.


The date for the Sparkle Ball will be on the evening of Saturday 15 October 2016, at the club.   Tickets now on sale.See Pam or Jan.  This will be a fun, social event with no speeches or awards. 

Mr Terry Pin He’s back after the Regatta

 Mr T. Pin was spotted enjoying the sunshine on his log by a crew rowing by Wilton bridge on Thursday morning. The crew also saw 2 herons, a kingfisher and a strange blue duck making strange movements on the river that turned out to be a plastic bag.


Newsletter Editor on Riverbank

I’m so tired…..Writing the newsletter after the regatta is exhausting!

I  enjoyed the Regatta, particularly, Ladies Day which was a lovely addition to the weekend. I got round the site and had the opportunity to talk to and meet so many club members, umpires and supporters 

I’ve go so much material of people doing jobs at the Regatta and events that I can’t fit it into one newsletter. So if you are still wondering what I am going to say about what goes on at Boats on or who invented the Gourmet Burger, you’ll have to wait until the next edition.

If you’ve got a story or photos from the Regatta weekend you’d like to share, let me have it…..

The Editor on the Riverbank can only report what you tell her; something to say? Got any good pictures? The standard of information has been outstanding – Keep it coming…


If you want to communicate with the Club via the newsletter, let me,  Annie Williams know, by email or in person.


Competitions forward look

4– Ouse Marathon 
23,24 – 
Work in progress


The Club Room Bar

The club room bar will be open
Thur – 7.15pm to 9.00pm.
Fri – 5.30pm to 9.30pm
Sun – 12 noon to 2.30pm 

Nearly all packed away…..


Weather watch

Outlook for Friday to Monday
Dry start on Saturday, but rain, heavy at times, spreading east later. Brighter on Sunday and mainly dry, then staying largely dry with warm sunny intervals developing on Monday.
River watch
River levels low ; suitable for all ages at the weekend.