Our Mission

The object of the Club is to encourage the sport of rowing at Ross and to provide opportunities for social and recreation activities for members and their guests. Ross Rowing Club is a non-profit making organisation.

We at Ross Rowing Club pride ourselves on our open arm policy embracing new and experienced rowers, large or small, young or old (competitive and social rowers). We recognise that the club’s strength lies in its members and encourage Club Spirit both at home and away at regattas. We are constantly striving to upgrade our equipment and have a healthy programme of boat procurement for all classes of ability. We have an active Junior section which mixes learning and fun in equal measures.

By its very nature rowing is a healthy, competitive sport and member’s successes are based on hard work put in both on land and on the water. We run land based training throughout the winter and have a team of British Rowing qualified coaches to oversee river activities.

We have a unique facility, geographically positioned on the famous horseshoe bend of the Wye and are proud to represent this area in competitions in South Wales, the Midlands and in National competitions