Ross Rowing Club Ltd has primary rules lodged with the FCA. We are also bound to follow the British Rowing policies and rules.

Click HERE to see Ross Rowing Club Ltd’s Handbook and Rules, Codes of Conduct, Secondary rules (previous bylaws, regulations, club rules etc), policies and other useful guidance for members and parents. Members must obey the Registered Rules, Secondary Rules and Policies of the Club with which they shall be acquainted, as these regulate and control their privileges of membership.

Ross Rowing Club Ltd. in a general meeting, or the Board of Directors, may from time to time make, adopt and amend such Regulations in the form of bye-laws, standing orders, secondary rules or otherwise as they think fit for the management, conduct and regulation of the affairs of the Society and the proceedings and powers of the Board of Directors and sub-committees. Such Regulations (if any) shall be made available to Members. No Regulation shall be made which is inconsistent with these Registered Rules or the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. All Members of the Society and the Board of Directors shall be bound by such Regulations whether or not they have received a copy of them.

2013-03-08 signed copy of the registered CBS rules for RRC Limited

2016-04-26 Partial Amendment to RRC Limited (objects) Rules

2016-07-14 HMRC letter confirming RRC Ltd charitable status