At Ross Rowing Club we are always looking for companies to support and help us grow our voluntary run club. Below is our boat sponsorship table with some great offers. We also have our annual Regatta where companies can sponsor with different tiers of sponsorship. To find out more and how you can help contact our Commercial Director Ollie HERE.


Included Price/Period
Platinum Boat Your choice of name and customise the boat to how you would like it for your company. Please contact for more details
Gold Boat Sticker/Decal on both sides of two of our high performance sculls.

Positioned in the most visible place on the hull when it’s in the water.

£500 for a year
Silver Boat Sticker/Decal on the both sides of one of our high performance boat that attends a majority of events. £300 for a year
Gold Trailer Sticker/Decal on both of our trailers which attend all of the events we go to travailing up and down the country £650 for a year
Silver Trailer Sticker/Decal on one of our trailers which attends events with our boats on around the country. £400 for a year

Click the link to see regatta sponsorship:

Regatta Sponsorship 2019 Updated