For information on men’s rowing contact the men’s captain at:

Men’s rowing at Ross welcomes people from 18 – 80 and beyond. The squad has men who row socially, men who row competitively, those who are beginners and those who have won medals at Henley and at National Championships.

There is coaching support on and off the water, and a range of boats to suit all standards, including stable boats which are perfect for beginners.

The vast majority of our men are officially ‘Vets’. i.e. over 28, and we have a strong record of welcoming people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who go on to compete at the highest level.

We have some young fit men between 18 and 28 and would welcome more to build a larger squad at this age group. Rowing is good cross training for other sports, or is a great full body workout for fitness, strength and conditioning, or weight management.

Coxing is an alternative if you are ‘small and bossy’ or if you have partners, children or friends who fit that description. Coxes are full members of crews and critical to success.