Membership Fees, Subscriptions & Donations

The sums quoted in the tariff column in the table below are the suggested annual financial contribution for each category of membership or subscription.

The tariff is 50% set membership fee or subscription rate and 50% suggested voluntary donation.

Set membership fees and subscriptions are kept as low as the Club can afford in pursuit of the Club’s charitable objective of encouraging healthy participation in sport for all.

However, it costs much more to provide the Club’s rowing facilities than the total income from membership fees and subscriptions and so the Club’s continued success is dependent on voluntary donations.

Ross Rowing Club Limited is a Charitable Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and HMRC. 2016-07-14 HMRC letter confirming RRC Ltd charitable status.  This allows us to claim back through the Gift Aid scheme tax you have paid on any donations.

When you follow the links to pay for your membership you will first pay your set fee through the WebCollect service, after which you will receive a link to the Virgin Money Giving service where you can make your donation.

N.B. It is a condition of RRC Ltd. membership that all rowing RRC Ltd. members MUST ALSO join British Rowing.

This can be done online at

RRC Ltd. rowing members wishing to compete, MUST apply for BR Race membership.

Those not wishing to compete in regattas or heads can apply for BR Row membership.

Subscription Options Criteria/information TARIFF FAMILY DISCOUNT
Adult Rowing Membership Rowing. Voting. £300.00 Spouse/partner
Junior Subscribers Juniors may be subscribed to use the Club’s rowing facilities (aged from 11 to 18) as long as one or both of their parents or carers is already a Senior Rowing Member of the Club.

If neither parent or carer is an Adult Rowing Member then one parent or carer must first become an Associate Member before juniors may be subscribed to use the Club’s rowing facilities.

The Associate (or Adult Rowing) Member is responsible for the junior subscriber’s behaviour and is entitled to a vote.

(Junior Subscribers are not entitled to vote.)

1st Child:£150 2nd Child: £130
3rd and subsequent child(ren): £105
Gym Membership Non-rowing. Voting. Use of Club Gym Equipment 75.00 NA
Coxswain Membership Non-rowing. Voting. £36.00 N/A
Student Memberships Rowing.  Voting. Available for full time students (18 years of age or older, full voting rights). Applications must include a photocopy of Student ID card. Full year = £150.00

Summer season = £37.50

Christmas & Easter holidays = £37.50

Social subscriptions Non-rowing. Non-voting £25 N/A

Payment Options

Rowing Memberships can be paid annually or monthly, by Direct Debit payment.

All other membership types must be paid annually in full by Direct Debit payment.

RRC Ltd. is entirely run by volunteers, to ease their burden membership payments by bank transfer, cash or cheque will no longer be accepted.


Members must obey the Registered Rules, Secondary Rules and Bylaws of the Club with which they shall be acquainted, as these regulate and control their privileges of membership.

The RRC Ltd. Board may at its discretion admit to membership any individual, corporate body or nominee of a unincorporated body, firm, partnership or corporate body who supports the objects of the Society who has paid or agreed to pay any subscription or other sum due in respect of membership for the time being in force.

All those wishing to become a member must support the objects of the Society and complete an application for membership, which shall include an application for at least one share in the Society. Such an application form must be approved by the Directors and the Directors (the Board) must approve each application for membership.

Membership shall now renew annually on the anniversary of first becoming a member of Ross Rowing Club Limited.