Please be aware that Ross Rowing Club Limited is a volunteer run organisation that relies on the good will and volunteer time and effort of ALL members to run and maintain the clubs facilities and to keep membership fees affordable.

By applying for membership and agreeing to pay the membership and subscription fees, all members must agree to take an active interest in the operation and development of the club, participate in general meetings and support the objectives of the club at all times.

Membership costs:

Annual Monthly
Senior £330 £29.00
Spouse of senior £275 £22.91
Junior £175 £16.10
2nd Junior £137.50 £11.45
3rd Junior £111   £9.25
Associate £38
Gym membership £80
Coxwain £36
Student £16.50


Junior Parent Associate Member – This is free membership for a parent for as long as their child has a current rowing subscription.

Please complete the application form on Webcollect (minimum 3 month membership):  Ross Rowing Club (

If you have any queries, please email: