All applicants will be joining as new members of Ross Rowing Club Limited.

Applications for membership shall now be directed to the club’s online membership system (use Webcollect link below) to complete their registration and relevant membership subscription/application.

All applicants will be required to confirm their details and to confirm to abide by the rules and regulations of the club and the sport of rowing.

PLEASE click this link to go to the Clubs WebCollect Page

If it is considered by the committee that the granting or renewal of membership would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of Ross Rowing Club Limited, the committee are entitled to refuse membership and will provide full reasons for doing so.

Membership shall now renew annually on the anniversary of first becoming a member of Ross Rowing Club Limited.

2018 Fees

Subscription Options Criteria/information TARIFF FAMILY DISCOUNT
Senior Rowing Full rowing and voting for ALL rowing members.
Includes a suggested voluntary donation of £150 (£130 for spouse/partner)*
£300.00 Spouse/partner
Junior/Student  Rowing Junior Membership (Ages 10 to 18) includes Associate Membership for one parent/carer, unless one or both parents/carers are already voting members of the Club.  A suggested voluntary donation of £75 (£65 for 2nd child, £52.50 for 3rd child)* is included in the payment.

*Students over 18 (full voting rights) must be in full time education and must include a photocopy of Student ID card.

1st Child:£150 2nd Child: £130
3rd and subsequent child(ren): £105
Gym Associate Member Non-rowing. Voting with use of Club Gym Equipment
Includes a suggested voluntary donation of £37.50*
75.00 NA
Coxswain only Non-rowing. Voting
Includes a suggested voluntary donation of £18*
£36.00 N/A
Associate Member 1 Non-rowing.  Voting.
Includes a suggested voluntary donation of £24 (£15 for spouse/partner)*
£48.00 £30.00
Social Member 1 Non-rowing. Non-voting
Includes a suggested voluntary donation of £12.50*
£25 N/A

*For Gift Aid purposes only

Payments Options

Rowing Memberships can be paid annually or monthly, by Direct Debit payment.

All other membership types must be paid annually in full by Direct Debit payment.

To ease the admin burden on the volunteers who help administer and run the rowing, payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque will no longer be available.

Please note that any existing Standing Orders that members have in place must be cancelled
N.B. All rowing members MUST join British Rowing.

This can be done online at

Those rowing members going to compete, MUST apply for BR Gold membership.
Those not competing in regattas or heads can apply for BR Silver membership.


Membership rules


Membership of Ross Rowing Club Limited shall be confined to persons whose membership, in the opinion of the Committee will further the stated objectives of the Club, the encouragement of rowing at Ross amongst amateurs.



All applications for membership will be reviewed by the committee prior to being approved.

Where a member is re-applying for membership any previous debts to the Club must be settled prior to the application.



Senior Rowing Membership is open to persons who undertake to row for Ross Rowing Club, or wish to regularly use the racing craft or any other training facility for leisure purposes.

Junior Rowing Membership is restricted to persons under the age of 18 years who undertake to row for Ross Rowing Club. Applicants for Junior Rowing Membership must furnish proof of age.

Junior Rowing Members shall be entitled to the use of the Club premises other than the bar, but shall not vote at any meetings or be eligible to serve on the Committee or hold office in the Club.

A Junior Rowing Member shall cease to be such at the end of the membership year in which he/she attains the age of 18 years.

Student Membership: is open to persons over the age of 18 who are in full time education and:-

Undertake to row for Ross Rowing Club, or

Wish to regularly use the racing craft or other training facilities for leisure purposes.

Student Members shall not be eligible to vote.

Associate Membership is open to persons who:-

(a) have rowed for this or any other Club, or

(b) will foster the Clubs activities

Associate Members are not generally entitled to the use of the racing craft or other training facilities, but may do so on specific occasions with the prior authority of the Captain. Specific occasions include Club Sports, Boxing Day row and other similar events at the discretion of the Captains.

Social Membership. A limited number of Social Memberships may be granted at the discretion of Committee.  Social Members shall not be entitled to vote at meetings, nor eligible to hold office in the Club, or be eligible to serve on the Committee or propose or second applications for membership of the Club.

Vice President.  Vice President’s membership give the same privileges as an Associate member, but is for an indefinite period, following a one off payment and does not require annual renewal.  Should a Vice President wish to become a Rowing Member they will be required to pay the difference between the Associate Membership and the Rowing Membership for that subscription year.

Patron. The club may appoint a Patron in return for service or other benefit given it by an individual.

The appointment is for 10 years. A Patron shall have the same privileges as an Associate Member.



A table of the current paid subscriptions is shown above.



The Committee shall have the power to grant membership on other terms than those laid down in the rules at their absolute discretion.

If any member shall infringe any of the club rules or Captain’s instructions, or act in any way contrary to the general interests of the Club he or she may be expelled from membership, by a two thirds majority of those present and voting, at a Committee Meeting. The voting under this rule shall be by ballot and an expelled member has the right of appeal to the Club in a General Meeting.



All subscriptions and debts owing to the Club are due on the on the last day of the month in which they fall.

A list showing the names of members who have paid their subscriptions shall be kept posted in the Club House.



A member may introduce occasional visitors to the Club.

The introducing member will be held responsible for the conduct and behaviour of his/her visitors.

Visiting Guest Rowers are welcomed. A guest rowing membership can be purchased allowing use of the club equipment when accompanied by a full rowing member.

In the event of an organised visit by members of a sporting club or association for the purpose of participating in a pre-arranged sporting event with Ross Rowing Club or other affiliated clubs, such members, officials and friends of the visiting club or association shall he entitled with the sanction of the Club Committee or Secretary to purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises on the day of the visit only.



Members shall be liable wanton and reckless damage done to boats, sculls, oars or other Club property whilst in their custody or charge and such damage shall be dealt with by the Committee in such manner as the Committee may think fit.  In exercise of the inherent right of the Club to compensation for the damage sustained, the Committee may require any member who damages Club property to pay into the Club Funds the whole or part of any of making good such damage.

A member must report, either verbally or in writing within 24 hours to an Officer of the Club or any Committee Member, any damage to property or loss of property he or she is responsible for.   For the purpose of this rule, remarks made in the Boat Register shall not constitute a report.¬† Failure, without sufficient reasons, of a member to make a report as laid down in this rule shall render that member liable to be expelled from the Club.



The Committee shall have the power to expel or suspend from membership from all or any of the privileges of membership any member, whose conduct is, in the Committee’s opinion, not in keeping with traditions, objects or interests of the Club.¬† However, such a¬† member shall first have had reasonable opportunity of appearing before the Committee to state his/her case.

In the event of a Junior Member being required to attend a Committee Meeting upon an issue of discipline that junior must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult of their choosing.

Members must obey the Rules and Bylaws of the Club with which they should be aquatinted, as these regulate and control their privileges of membership.