Junior learn to row camps are usually run at Easter and at the start of the summer school holiday

The Ross Rowing Club is  an inclusive club which provides local youngsters (aged 12 – 18 years old) with the opportunity to enjoy rowing and sculling at whichever level suits them.  Recruiting youngsters locally, the Club gives those children who cannot access rowing through school, tuition, equipment, technical skills and support from which they can develop the attributes necessary to succeed at a competitive standard.  The juniors have achieved tremendous success, gaining a national reputation for top results and technical ability.  We are proud of our record for engaging youngsters at all levels in the sport of rowing.


Our Aim  

Our aim is to enjoy the sporting challenge  In the first year or two, this means learning new technical skills. From then on, it is a question of developing the levels of fitness and determination needed to succeed at the rower’s chosen level. For some, taking part at the local level of competition is the goal.  For others, the social scene and enjoyment is enough.

How do I get involved ?

  • We hope to recruit juniors (from Year 7 upwards) for our camps in 2022.  For new starters, we host and run one week long training camps during the school holidays.
  • Please contact our Junior Captain:   juniorcaptain@rossrowingclub.co.uk
  • During a normal rowing week we run a programme of regular and structured training sessions.
  • Training sessions take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
  • We provide qualified coaching, safeguarding and safety coverage.

The Coaches 

All coaching is by qualified coaches who are trained and have been screened for their suitability for working with young people.  That Club has a continuous program of developing new coaches and ensures all are kept abreast of the latest and most effective coaching and technical advances in the sport.


The club follows the rules of British Rowing’s Water Safety Code.  All rowers must be competent swimmers able to swim at least 50 metres and this is tested at a local pool. Capsize drills are held regularly and all rowers must complete the drill. It will teach your child what to do if he or she ever falls out of a boat.

RRC follows a policy of DBS clearance for club coaches, officials & helpers closely involved with junior rowers.

Parents/carers pulling together

Everything that we do is dependent on volunteers. There are no employees at RRC, and we are keen to involve parents in the club. We welcome parents to all training sessions and competitions and value your support. We even provide one parent per family with an Associate Membership as part of a Junior Membership.


As the club is run entirely by volunteers it is essential that both coaches and parent helpers receive the full support and co-operation of both juniors and parents.