Bewdley Regatta

Juniors and Senior rowers from Ross nailed it at Bewdley Regatta.

Looking might fine in their medals!!

Yet more success for Ross Rowing Club Juniors at Bewdley Regatta last weekend!


Fliss won her (WJ16 1x) semi-final v Worcester by 5 lengths and then went onto defeat Worcester in the final by 1.5 lengths. Fliss is going from strength to strength this season and is racking up the wins.


A quad (W4x) consisting of Annabel, Fliss, Immy and Lucia beat Burton Leander by 4 lengths in the semi-final and then defeated Worcester by 4.5 lengths in the final.


Finn (J14 1x) rowed superbly in a straight final v Stourport and won easily. Hats off to Finn for putting the effort into training and this result proves it’s paying off for him. Finn.


Ollie (J15 1x) and Tom & Dom (J18 2x) rowed well in their races but just fell a little short. Good effort and well done.


More medals and wins have been added to the RRC Junior collection this summer and there are sure to be many more to come.


The Juniors are really hitting form and are all rowing superbly well.


It’s Ross Regatta soon, so please come along and give them all lots of support. ‍♀️‍♂️

The seniors were victorious too, with another win from the Womens Masters crew of Alice, Alison, Ellen and Sheron coxed by Bryn.

Mixed Double Civil War

Greg and Georgie were ever hopeful that Bewdley Regatta could just be their first win in the mixed double after only having put together the crew three months ago.


The intrepid pair had a bye to the final which would be against either Loughborough Boat Club or… Ross Juniors. Gulp! The thought of coming up against the hard working and youthful juniors was not a pleasant one, but so it came to pass…


The time was upon them, as they met in boat check, and a friendly good luck from each crew (knowing the odds of a Ross win were, well, inevitable). As they sat at the start, hardly a chance for a nervous glance over before the umpire called the start and they were off, a strong start for both crews with only a minor lead for the senior duo as they came into the bends.


With words from Charlie Pope in mind, Greg chose the straightest line possible through these to cut out as much steering as possible. As they came into the straight they started to make their push with a call of “Mike” (yes they had named one of their calls after the honourable Mike Jones after one of his coaching sessions). This was just what they needed, long and strong, don’t rush, relax, hand heights, boat run, loose hands and shoulders, all of these things constantly looping in their heads and to the roar of “Go Ross” they crossed the finish line as the winners!


What a rush, all their hard work had finally paid off and the pair were elated and exhausted at the same time.


Thanks to the Ross juniors for a great race – I’m sure they didn’t let the seniors win… did they??

From Greg:

a genuine heartfelt thank you to all of Ross Rowing Club for their coaching, support, kind words and community both prior to and at the event. It really does mean so much to us that we have everyone behind us and we hope to be able to bring more wins back for Ross. A special thank you to those who have given up their time to coach us and help set up the boat correctly.”

Junior Champs

Junior rowers from Ross-on-Wye Rowing Club made the long arduous journey up to Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell to partake in the British Junior Rowing Championships on the 14th – 16th of July, 2023.


Leah Cotton and Faith Thorpe-Williams (both JKHS pupils) represented the club in the WJ15 2x and qualified from their time-trial into Final C.


The conditions for the final were not great as the cross winds made rowing difficult. They finished in 8th place overall (out of 63 crews) and were only 0.2 sec off of 7th. This was an incredible result and a wonderful achievement from these two.


Fliss Cox represented the club in the WJ16 1x. Fliss qualified from her time-trial and was also placed in Final C. Fliss rowed heroically in choppy conditions and finished in 12th place overall (out of 31 competitors).


Such were their efforts, Leah, Faith and Fliss finished higher than some crews/competitors in the finals above – which is a wonderful credit to them.


All three can be enormously proud of their achievements over the weekend and we look forward to seeing much more from them over the coming months and years. Bravo!

RIP Steps

RIP old steps. You served us well for many years.

Where else would the length of rowable river be measured by water lapping on your fault line?

How will we know what is Backneyable” now??

We will share updates including a photo diary of progress. First the “before” photo below looking rather idyllic.

???? Marc Russell

Mixed Ability Rowing (MARS) Progress

Over these last few weeks our MARS Stars have had many successful sessions with rowers new, old and returning.

Above: Danielle and Nicky

Above Rowena at Bow (just out of shot), Deb, Amelia, Phil and cox Sally

Above back line L-R: Sally, Jackie, Sarah, Rowena, Dan, Harriet. Front Row: Sue

Above fantastic square blade rowing. Welcome Sue, our newest MARS Star

GB Selection

Yasmin Howe has been selected to compete at  the Coupe De La Jeunesse, Bosnaan Rowing Lake, Amstelveen, Netherlands this weekend. Yas started her rowing at Ross, and now rows for Wycliffe School and GB !!
Go GB ????????

While another Ross Junior, Violet Holbrow, has gone on to GB selection for the World Rowing U19s Championships

Well done to both young women, proud parents and former coaches and all at RRC. Go GB, Go Ross!!

Goodbye to Ian Wild and Colossus

Adiós to 2 boats from our fleet which are off to a new club San Jeromino in Seville, their Chairman Miguel has offered to host Ross RC members if you fancy the trip

The boats are hitching a lift with Calpe RC from Gibraltar who were the winners of the WJ152x BRJC on Saturday afternoon, it’s a small world…

A bittersweet moment for Nicky and Jake Wild as Ian died suddenly many years ago and the boat in his name has served us well, and been much loved, as he was.

Testing Out Dragon Boats

The club organised a test of the dragon boats before the regatta.


RRC in Corfu

Turns out when you go on holiday with your rowing pals

someone is bound to spot a boat you could jump in ????????


Phil, Georgie, Greg and I are currently in Corfu and a lucky sighting of a quad sitting on trestles in Corfu town harbour led us to Alex, a very nice Greek man who was once part of the National team. Turns out he coaches juniors from NOAK club in Corfu who are off to the Greek national champs tomorrow and we were very, very luckily allowed to join in their training session this morning.


It was a 4.45am alarm (or 5.10am for a sleepy Phil!) and as we drove down we did wonder how we were going to row on the Ionian sea in the pitch black, but as we arrived at Guivá the sun had started to peak out from Albania in gorgeous pink rays and as 6am approached the team all turned up (plus an unconventional way to transport some blades!)


We were introduced to our boat (a yellow empacher quad – sound familiar Greg ?) which had the foot steering at stroke which necessitated a quick change around of seating plans and Georgie’s first time at bow!


As the sun continued to rise, we rowed laps of a lagoon on the edge of the Ionian sea, with a 1km straight either side – simply glorious. Plenty of stops for selfies and photos, which hopefully go some way to showing how incredible the experience was. Not that we’re trying to make you jealous at all, promise ????


A massive massive thank you is due to Alex and the gang at NOAK for being so accommodating – we plan to send him a Ross pot or two as he loved the idea that we win a beer recepticle at a regatta!!

Llangwydd Rowing on Tour

5 intrepid (or is that decrepit!) Ross rowers took part in the BR Rowing Tour on the Severn starting and ending at Stourport.


Stitch in Malvern are our official kit suppliers, although we wear pretty much anything most of the time and daytime rowers have a theme colour each day (thanks Annie, never forgotten).


The official kit window that would get you kit in time for Ross Regatta at the end of August may have closed but you can still call Stitch and order individual items. They are really helpful.


Our page on their website is HERE

Good Causes

Chris Crowhurst, Nicky Wild and Sarah Sykes are rowing the 22km Great Ouse Marathon which is a heck of a thing!


They have set up two charity campaigns for people willing to sponsor their efforts. Both causes dear to their hearts


Chris was particularly moved by a news report she saw about a grandparent’s unusual tribute to their granddaughter.

Chris was particularly moved by a news report she saw about a grandparent’s unusual tribute to their granddaughter.


“As a proud gran of four healthy grandsons, I was very moved by THIS ARTICLE .

It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a contribution to this amazing charity. I won’t ramble on about all they do………..I have attached a link to their website below highlighting their brilliant work.

Thank you all for your support.


Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

Rowing Dates



Pool session Tuesday 25th from 3:00pm to 5:30pm

Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th water sessions


Stourport Regatta

Sat 12th August 1000m

Sun 13th August 600m


Gloucester Regatta

Sat 26th August 750m



RRC DRAGON BOAT RACING – Saturday 26th August – followed by Ross Regatta on 27th and 28th August


Sunday 27th August 750m Masters and Juniors

Monday 28th August 750m Open Event

Ouse Marathon

Sun 3rd September 22km long distance event

Club Socials ????




Friday evenings are Barbecue at the club from 6pm



RRC DRAGON BOAT RACING – Saturday 26th August – followed by Ross Regatta on 27th and 28th August (see rowing section above)




    There are two part-time jobs available at the club one involves cutting grass and another cleaning the campers toilets.


  • Details are displayed in the clubhouse but if you are unable to visit please email me and information will be forwarded.


And Finally… The Dogs of RRC

Crunchie, who wore his owner’s Bewdley medal with pride.

For the live Webcam showing current river levels – hit the button below.



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