Ross News update

The month of pancakes and Valentines! ????

Read all about what has been going on at our club below.

Junior Easter Camp

The Junior Easter camp will be running from Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th April.  We start with a capsize drill on Tuesday afternoon, and end on Friday with race day and BBQ.

Any help would be appreciated please – I will need a ratio of one experienced junior or senior to every new junior on Wednesday for the water sessions, and then Thursday and Friday, usually a lower ratio but any help you can offer would be much appreciated please.  

If you are able to help, even with one session, please let me know and I will add you to the group on spond.  You can then accept or decline the different sessions.

Thank you in advance.


RRC ‘100’ Club Year 2!

Once we have done this month’s draw, we will have already come to the end of our first year of the RRC ‘100’ club and so it is time to start thinking about renewing subscriptions.

Last year this event raised over £700 for club funds and hopefully we can match or beat this total this year!

We will reserve people’s current numbers for them (unless of course they wish to change numbers for this year) until one week before the first draw in March (Thursday 21st march).

As per last year, the cost is £1 per number per month paid as an annual £12 subscription. This will enter you into a draw once a month with the chance to win one of two prizes. There is also an additional Christmas bonus draw. There is no limit to the amount of numbers each person can buy so please support your club as much as you feel able to and give yourself the best chance of winning!

Please sign up now on webcollect or at the bar on a Friday night and let Greg Powell know once you have done so to sort your number(s).

Gym Re-build

Gladiators Ready!?…floor laying

After having to lift all of the floor tiles in the gym area to assist it in drying out after the flood, a kind group of volunteers have now put it all back together ready for all those gym and ergo sessions you all love so much!

George Gilbert has also done a fab job of re-arranging and organising the weights room. Thanks George!

From George:

Hi all, I’ve put the weights area back together the best way I can that maximises floor space for mat work/  free weight sessions and minimises trip hazards as much as possible. Tried to create space for the squat rack (new) so it can be easily walked around so there shouldn’t be much in the way of ducking and diving trying to load up the bar and of course hazards on the floor. Also placed it under the skylight for the taller gym goers!!! The old white squat rack is technically redundant now, the only difference between the two racks is the pull up bar on the white one. This can easily be replaced with a specific pull up bar that fixes to the RSJ in the gym area itself. The weighted bags have been organised – all 5kg on one shelf, 7.5kg on another shelf #OCD #alltheducksinaline

Dynamic Ergos

Dynamic Ergo

Most of you will know by now that I am a great fan of dynamic Ergos as a way of improving rowing style on land.  I was asked today about, how to use them and best practice.  There are few videos to there but here are a couple.  

First the Concept company video which is fine although the commentary is not very ‘dynamic’. – Click here to view.

Second a YouTube video submitted by a user with no commentary. – Click here to view.

In both cases you can see how much closer the action is to rowing in a boat and particularly how it improves your core strength and body stability both vital for a good recovery phase in a rowing stroke.



Club Fundraising Socials ????

Bingo Night

Due to popular vote, this month’s fundraising social event will be Bingo!

Eyes down Friday 16th February 7:00pm with cards for each game just £1 each and cash prizes to be won!

This event is free to attend so come along, have a drink and enjoy!

Please be aware this is not a catered event.

P.S. Yes, please do ignore the gramatical error in the meme!

And Finally…

The Loch Ness Monster

Many of you may not realise that monsters enjoy holidays too, this time, Nessie has decided to see the delights that the River Wye has to offer.

(Also a very good reminder not to row on a rising river! Stay safe everyone).

For the live Webcam showing current river levels – hit the button below.



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